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Gandhi Udyaan

The park which is maintained by Raipur Muncipal Corporation at 21°14’31″N 81°39’12″E. Installation of playground, plantation of trees and placement of lightning displays is done to make it more comfortable for the people. The...

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Maitri Bagh

Maitri Bagh The Bhilai Steel Plant constructed Maitri Bagh, which is a combination of a park as well as a zoo. As the name Maitri Bagh signifies the “friendship garden” and was established as...

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Keskal Panchvati

Keskal Panchvati is 129 km from Jagdalpur at 20°6’3″N 81°35’11″E. There is a scenic spot and offers a spectacular view of the valley below. It is situated at nearly 2 km from keshkal bus...