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Jeet Talkies 0

Jeet Talkies

Jeet Talkies The movie lovers can enjoy the movies in the Jeet Talkies, situated near the new bus stand in Bilaspur district. The location is 22°4’25″N 82°9’36″E.

Miraj Cinemas 1

Miraj Cinemas

A favourite theatre for the people to enjoy the movies is situated at Bhilai, new civic center. It is popularly known as Geet Talkies. The location is 21°10’56″N 81°20’21″E.

Krishna Big Cinemas 0

Krishna Big Cinemas

Krishna Big Cinemas It is a division of Reliance MediaWorks Limited, a member of the Reliance Group, is India’s largest cinema chain. It recently launched 3D and 6D technology. It is also launching the...

Chandra Maurya Theatre 0

Chandra Maurya Theatre

Chandra Maurya Theatre Both the theatres are present at the same place in Bhilai. The location is 21°12’24″N 81°21’32″E. Watching movie is a comfortable experience available here. Its location is in the middle of...

Shyam Talkies 0

Shyam Talkies

It gives the great view of Budha Talab. It is situated opposite to Budha Talab. The coordinates are 21°14’8″N 81°37’57″E.

Vimal Theatre 0

Vimal Theatre

This theatre is situated at Dhamtari. This theatre was started by Late Kesharimal Lunkad EX. MLA. Now it is operated by his sons. The location is 20°42’30″N 81°32’47″E.