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Mountains – Adventurous tourist destination

A mountain is a large landform which stretches above the surrounding land in a limited region, mainly in the form of a peak. It is normally steeper as compared to a hill. These are formed through volcanism or tectonic forces. These forces can increase the surface of the earth. Mountains corrode slowly through the action of weather conditions, rivers and glaciers. Some of them are listed here:

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Chitradhara Waterfalls

Chitradhara Waterfall The waterfall is located at just 19 km form Jagdalpur in Chhattisgarh at 19°12’3″N, 81°41’59″E on the way to Chitrakoot Falls. The best sightseeing and weekend vacation destinations are the favourite among...

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Bailadila Mountains

The beautiful mountains are situated at 18°39’20″N 81°12’45″E. One can really enjoy the greenery of the place in the heaven climate. Bailadila Mountains are known for having rich deposits of iron ore. There are...

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Gadiya Mountains

The location is 20°15’29″N 81°29’42″E. Gadiya Mountains are the highest mountains of Kanker. It is a natural fort. At the time of Kandra dynasty, it came into light. When the Kandra king Dharma Dev...